Employment Information

Interested in joining the Live-Online Television team? We're always filling full-time and on-call positions! Please complete this survey to be considered by our Operations staff.

Online Employee Time Report (must submit one for each day worked).

All employees must submit a the Wells Fargo Payroll Setup Form and the Live-Online Television Contact Sheet prior to their first day of work.

All employees should be familiar with the Employment Manual prior to their first day of work and must submit a signed copy of the last page annually. Policies and procedures are clearly outlined and no individual exceptions will be made.

Employee or Independent Contractor?

We strive to provide the best service to our clients and our employees. To better serve our employees we must understand their relationship regarding IC (independent contractor) status. These questions will help you determine if you are covered by our workers' compensation policy and your tax liability throughout the year. Live-Online Television follows these guidelines without exception.

Are you "free from control or direction"?

Are you told when and/or how to do your job?

Do you provide tools and/or equipment?

Are you "engaged in an independent trade, occupation, profession or business"?

Do you have a business name?

Do you carry business insurance?

Do you offer this service to anyone else?

Do you submit invoices?

Do you work alone? (If not, you may need to carry workers' comp yourself)

Are checks payable to your business name?

Are you paid a fixed rate?

If the answer is yes to ALL OF THE ABOVE questions, the facts indicate that you are an independent contractor.

If you are an independent contractor, please submit a copy of your company's workers' compensation policy (or a certified letter of exemption) and a copy of your general liability policy listing no less than $1M coverage with "Live-Online Television" listed as additional insured.

Workers' Compensation Information

Live-Online Television provides Colorado employees, both full-time and part-time, with workers' compensation insurance through Pinnacol Assurance. Employees are required to use the following SelectNet facilities to treat work-related, non-emergency injuries:

Kaiser On-the-Job in Wheatridge

Scott Chaffin, DO

4803 Ward Road

Wheatridge, CO 80033

(303) 283-2588

In the event of a life or limb-threatening emergency, the insured employee will be sent to the nearest emergency facility. Follow-up care must be provided by the medical provider designated above. In the event of a non-emergency, after hours injury, the provider should be called for access information or treatment instructions.

If an employee is treated by an unauthorized medical provider, the employee will be responsible for payment of said treatment.