High Definition Video Systems

What makes our systems better than other video production systems?

EXPERIENCE! We've been engineering "lens-to-lens" HD systems longer than our regional competitors combined!

In 2004, our engineers were tasked with creating the perfect video production system - HD Vision, our first and largest high definition system, was the result of their efforts. Subsiquesnt systems offer most of the same features in more efficient packaging. Our systems are all-inclusive solutions for events that require numerous high definition sources (cameras, playback & graphics) and destinations (recorders, projectors & broadcast/webcast).

All systems arrive with fiber-based HD cameras, digital playback (switcher controllable playback in HD Vision), up-to-date graphics systems, multiple Barco ImageProHD for graphics (or other sources that are not HD-SDI native) and two AJA KiPro digital HD recorders - all designed to work with a Grass Valley Kayak 2.5 M/E or Barco FSN-1400 2.5 M/E HD switcher.

They also feature a multi-screen monitor wall, four-channel wired/wireless ClearCom intercom system and flat panel displays. Our systems were designed to operate in 1920x1080 (systems are transitioning to 4K in 2017). Sources that are not already 1920x1080 are converted as they enter the signal flow - eliminating multiple points of conversion and possible technical issues throughout the system.

How will using the these system benefit my event(s)?

First, since our systems are all-inclusive, you'll know that every basic need is covered without additional cost or cross-rentals. Inputs, outputs, processing, switching, monitoring - even intercom communication - is included. Your budget will always be safe when using our systems.

Second, peace-of-mind during events is critical to everyone's success. We've produced hundreds of high-end events without incident. From college football games to private parties - our systems over deliver every time.

Third, the often overlooked "wow" factor. Our systems were modeled to look like a TV truck or network control room. The people you report to will be amazed by the appearance and sophisticated technology you've arranged.

What's Next?

Our sales and engineering staff is available to answer questions, provide estimates and/or arrange onsite demonstrations.