LED Video Displays

What is LED and why should I consider using it on my events?

Large-scale displays are popping up everywhere! From concerts to billboards, we're surrounded by these larger-than-life images. LED is much brighter than projection so it can be used outdoor (make sure it's properly rated for outdoor use) and on bright stages such as corporate events and concerts. LED is available in resolutions from 1mm to 30mm (the physical space between pixels) ... much lower resolution than projection but the trade off is usually worth it depending on your application. LED doesn't need to be used in specific aspect ratios either. Some of the best designs include "negative space" with images spanning multiple displays!

What's better about our LED displays?

With the brightest projection inventory in the region, it was a natural progression to invest in LED too. We've invested in industry leading manufacturers to provide 7mm and 2.8mm products for indoor/outdoor entertainment and indoor production/tradeshows. Our inventory and experience is unmatched in the region!

We're commonly found on the stage at Red Rocks Ampitheater and venues around the nation supplying up to 750 tiles in various configurations. We've supported countless touring artists including Pretty Lights, Gramatik, Chainsmokers, Big Head Todd, Macklemore and Snoop Dogg.

What's next?

Our sales and engineering staff is available to answer questions, provide estimates and/or arrange onsite demonstrations.