Live Shot Studio with LTN Connectivity ...

Not every event takes place in a ballroom, exhibit hall or stadium. Sometimes you simply need a quiet space with satellite connectivity to reach the world!

Webcasts, Media Tours, Interconnects and Live-to-Tape Services ...

Just like webcasts from your corporate facility, webcasts from our studio are designed to deliver a message to multiple locations simultaneously. Employee Town Halls, Shareowner Reports and other announcements can be quick/easy/affordable when using a studio.

Media Tours are those short interviews (2-5 minutes) you see on the morning news programs. From safe winter driving tips to tax planning advice, they provide an outlet reaching millions of viewers in every market. They start with a release to news stations in your target markets describing your message and why it's important to viewers in that area. Interested stations reply to schedule time in their morning programming on a particular day. Instead of traveling to every station you'd like to appear on, several stations (sometime several dozen) are linked via satellite and telephone to include you from a single location. Bang-for-the buck, Media Tours are a great way to spread your message!

Interconnects are similar to Media Tours with one major difference ... only one media service downlinks your feed. They're used for a variety of purposes including breaking news feeds (CNN, ESPN and other major networks), remote panel discussions and guest speaking opportunities. Interconnects are much less expensive and save a ton of time by eliminating travel. With two-way audio/video it's like being in the head-end studio without actually being there!

Live-to-Tape is an off-line version of Media Tours and Interconnects. Your message is delivered on camera (with b-roll and graphics if appropriate) and available online, delayed broadcast or archived.

What's next?

Our sales and engineering staff is available to answer questions, provide estimates and/or arrange onsite demonstrations.