Thank you for all your hard work and last minute changes. Your crew provides outstanding customer service and top notch equipment. You always deliver and I absolutely love working with Live-Online TV. I have absolute confidence in your team!

Paul Kocel

Summit Group Event Services

Thank you all for such great collaboration! Stellar service - and I so appreciate your work to please our ultimate client. Your guys are respectful and and I continue to enjoy the fact that I can rely on you all to be part of the Peak team!

Jennifer Collins

Client Relationship Director - Peak Creative

Dave [the president of Live-Online Television] is that provider without whom the project would never be pulled off but a client may never realize exists. His goal is always a successful, high-quality event using the most efficient means at a reasonable cost, not accolades or opportunities to pad invoices. He is possibly the hardest working individual I have ever met and I marvel at his problem-solving skills. If it happened once, it will happen again and it's planned for. He also has the wonderful ability to be everyone's go-to person while respecting and, perhaps more importantly, appreciating each individual's role. If you work with him once, I promise you'll want him back.

Ronda Friel

Project Manager and Satellite Coordinator, Peak Creative Media

I received my check today in the mail, thank you! I really admire your company's organization, quality of work and professionalism. I'd like to be as much a part of that as possible on an as needed basis. Thanks again!

Greg Norris

Freelance Audio Technician

It [LED and content for a large entertainment event] was amazing!!! Your team was awesome! Thank you again!!

AJ Prasaguet

Apple Jaxx & Stache

Six years ago I became associated with the Citizen of the West dinner. However, for the past 30 years I have attended more fundraising dinners than I care to recall. As you know, a common element at all of these dinners is a video and graphics presentation.

I quickly noticed that there was a substantial difference in the quality of the video programming at the COW dinner. I soon came to understand that this was because of the excellent production by Dave Jensen [president of Live-Online Television].

The photos, the graphics, all help to anchor the story about the honoree, and the video elements always capture the audience's attention. This year however, you reached Academy Award quality.

I know I speak for the entire Arrangements Committee when I express our deepest gratitude for the truly wonderful production at this year's dinner. You are the best!!

Carolyn Schaefer Wollard

2013 Committee Chair, National Western Citizen of the West

Case – I owe you big time.  Thank you so much for working so closely (and patiently) with me over the last four months.  I appreciate everything you did to contribute to this year’s success.  You understood the ramifications of creating a perfect show and you did not disappoint.  I can’t wait to work with you again!

DJ – You the man!  Thank you so much for your support this year.  You are such a valued partner and I truly appreciate all of your efforts and great work.  You have some fabulous toys and it was a pleasure to work with the LOLTV team once again.

Kelly Kucera

Sales and Marketing Manager, Image Audiovisuals

Dave and the folks at Live-Online are as good as they get. On more than one occasion I have asked Dave and his team to work on projects that took extensive technical capability as well as creativity and they never fail. Dave's team delivers on time and on budget, but better yet, the talent they bring to the project is matched by few. Their ability to integrate seamlessly with my team and work with executives to accomplish a great program is a rare find.

Pat Mulcahy

Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, TW Telecom

In case I didn't say it enough, thank you all again for an excellent week with Comcast. Steve and Jon both have extremely high expectations, and they were definitely exceeded thanks to all your hard work. 

Event production is a really crazy thing for us to have decided to do with our lives, but working with such a talented and focused team of professionals makes it so much more enjoyable.

Damien O'Donnell

Project Manager, Sleeper 9 Films

The flypack provided by Live-Online worked extremely well and was a great help in executing our show "Live at the Stadium". From a TD standpoint, the equipment and the engineering support was top notch. Not only was everything set up by the time I arrived on site but the majority of my effects were already built allowing me to focus on other matters during our prep day. I really can't say enough about the support. Both Dave and Casey did everything they could to provide me, and the rest of the crew, with anything and everything needed to execute a successful show.

Justin McClimans

Technical Director, The Mountain West Sports Network

Thank you for your outstanding service and production efforts!  It’s always a pleasure to work with you, and our event is excellent because of you.

Morgan Topolnicki

Event Director and Scholarship Manager - National Wester Stock Show

As the Denver Cutthroats hockey franchise was in its infancy, it became apparent that some of the equipment we were seeking was going to be in a backorder situation long after our home opener. Knowing this, we put an RFP out seeking a complete multicam production package with replay. Live-Online Television responded with a very competitive package that clearly reflected their understanding of our requests, and what they were able to do to exceed expectations without breaking the bank.

Live-Online Television came into the historic Denver Coliseum with a multicam production package that helped us create a memorable hockey experience for our fans. As the building is quite dated, the only logical control area was literally on the concourse. I can hardly speak enough to the cleanliness of their setup. The racks are clean, and the cable management on the back end is stunning. The control surface is dominated by two 55" multiviewers that left many hockey fans stopping and watching video production happening right before their eyes. The presentation of the Live-Online equipment on our concourse became an attraction, rather than an eyesore. We even reconsidered our control situation based on the presentation of the Live-Online equipment.

Beyond putting on a video board production for our hockey team, Live-Online Television went out of their way to ensure they were integrated with our game ops. They provided intercom for all of the positions directly attached to their equipment (cameras, director, replay op, engineering) but they also tied in with the game ops desk, DJ, in-game host on wireless, house audio, house lighting, off-ice PA announcer and even some extra headsets on nights when they were requested on short notice. They also sent a multiviewer feed to the game ops area so all cameras and the program output could be monitored away from the video production area. Live-Online Television did their best to ensure that the challenges of game ops and video production being physically separated wouldn't have an impact on our show.

When considering value, I'm quite impressed by what Live-Online Television was able to deliver. It isn't [necessarily] immediately visible, but you're buying into a very flexible system. The ability to add sources and destinations to the HD Vision production system seems limitless. From game to game we would have elements to integrate with their system, an extra camera, an extra iso feed, keyables with audio, and it was never a problem, because beyond a flexible system, there's a willing engineer who wants to accommodate. There's a lot of value in a flexible system, but a helpful engineer can push any system to the next level.

Live-Online Television will always have a strong recommendation from the Denver Cutthroats. When we were in a pinch to get the hockey franchise started up their HD Vision system and helpful engineering staff helped us get started on the right foot. If you're looking for a production house who cares about presenting your event in the best light possible, you've found them.

Jeff Meyer

Video Event Coordinator, Thundervision Creative Services

We were looking for a company who could provide us with a turnkey production for a live lacrosse game being held at Sports Authority Field in Denver. Live-Online Television was recommended to us by the folks at the stadium.  We look for our streamed games to closely mimic our television broadcasts in terms of elements and graphics and HD quality on a much smaller budget. Live-Online delivered two quality broadcasts that met our expectations. I will definitely look to use them again should I need someone in the Denver area.

Chris Day

Director, Broadcast and Digital Media

Thank you for assisting with the last minute gear requests on Friday and Saturday. My client had several pieces of gear that were either forgotten or had failed. Not only did you help me support my client but you helped strengthen the fact that when we are able to support each other we are all a little better for it.

John Wiggington

Director of National Sales, Stage Company Productions

Dave [the president of Live-Online Television] is the quiet driving force behind many spectacular events. I've thrown many a crazy idea past Dave and he has always exceeded expectations. The HD equipment Live-Online has is some of the best in the country and their production creativity at the top of the industry. If you're looking for the top of the field, you've found it.

Asa Crenshaw

Account Services Manager, AVMG, Inc.

My sincere thanks to you for making my job at Citizen of the West so easy. You contribute greatly to the success of the evening and you are a pleasure to work with. This year's event went off like clockwork, much the result of your hard work and good advice.

K. K. Ciruli

2012 Program Chair, National Western Citizen of the West